Hey, we’re Ghlee. We’re a modern-day beauty brand aimed at keeping our ancestors close. Rooted in tradition and guided by intention, our mission is to create effective solutions with a simple ingredient list.

Enter any South Asian kitchen and you’re sure to find one thing: ghee. Crafted through the process of clarifying butter, ghee is a natural moisturizer for all bodies of all backgrounds. From cooking to caring, ghee is a centuries-old pillar in the lives and homes of South Asian peoples, and our family is no exception. After years of chapped winter lips, Varun Sharma finally listened to our mother: he tried ghee.

Immediately intrigued by its nourishing properties, he started tinkering with a formula. Commonly associated with a burnt or nutty odor, the first obstacle was transforming it from kitchen staple to a skincare one, and before long Varun and our father had perfected the ultra-clean ghee Ghlee is built upon.

Twenty iterations and a few logos later, Varun was joined by his sisters, Arati & Deepika to bring this experiment to beyond our family kitchen. As Ghlee grows, our aim remains the same: craft skin care our ancestors would be proud of.