Team Ghlee's Spring Favourites

Team Ghlee's Spring Favourites

In hopes that April showers really will bring May flowers our way, we've all started diving into spending more time drawing inspiration from our day-to-day, moving, being, and blooming. Here are our team's Spring favourites.


Waxing poetic about poetry, Janu has been reading Yanyi's breathtaking work, Dream of the Divided Field. "I feel like I've been in this weird grey space creatively, so I've been reading a lot of poetry in hopes of finding myself and some semblance of inspiration there," she shares before getting into the book itself. "Yanyi almost suggests that we enter and exit all the versions of ourselves like we enter and exit our homes. This book tenderly explores the spaces where two conflicting or contradicting truths co-exist. I know that sounds...poetic [haha], but it really is such a good read." 

Varun: Shoe Dog

Arati: Oh Crap! Potty Training (welcome to my life)

Deepika: To Sell is Human, Never Split the Difference, The Challenger Sale

Hanna: no books this month…. :) 

Anna: Verity by Colleen Hoover


It actually makes complete sense that the person leading product development at Ghlee is into the Breaking Bad franchise. "Better Call Saul Season 6, the best show on TV. Period. I was hesitant because prequels don't always have the best rep, and the bar was set so high with Breaking Bad—it's one of my top three favourite shows of all time. Better Call Saul exceeded my expectations. Start it now!" shares Varun. On the flip side, Arati's been getting into all the string quartet covers by finally watching Bridgerton Season 2. "I have all the feels now. Bridgerton is the TV version of a Drake song. And the dark-skinned beauty on screen? Chef's kiss. I'll look past the random mish-mash of Indian cultures, though..."

Deepika: I'm obsessed with Bridgerton, I would have to agree with everything Arati mentioned already, but all I will say is #sharmasisters, FTW!

Hanna: The Kardashians. I know. It's the truest meaning of guilty pleasure. 

Anna: Also watching The Kardashians… don't tell anyone. (wait till she reads this - Janu)

Janu: Old Enough on Netflix. It's a Japanese show where kids aged 2-4 run errands independently. It is the CUTEST thing I've seen in a while. It's apparently unscripted. I'm always cheesing so hard every time I watch an episode. 


As per usual, our resident health and wellness aficionado is inspiring us to keep it pushing and keep it moving in the name of self-care! Deepika has been living for the new Lululemon Wunder Train tights. "I have been living in these—they launched the classic wonder train in a line more suited to curves, with more room in the hips and thighs, which is a win for me!" And in true sibling fashion, Varun dishes on his go-to garments. "I got back into running, so I have a lot of athletic apparel in rotation. I've been wearing Nike Dri-Fit running pants and zip-up quite frequently (matching set, of course). Also, my older brother, Govinda, finally returned my essentials jacket, so I've been rocking it every day."

Arati: I had our friends at Stone Hardware Co. redesign earrings that my Dadi always used to wear. They are the quintessential Dadi/Nani hoops.

Hanna (queen of cozy): I still don't leave my home often, so the sweatsuits are still out to play, but my partner got me the Nike Panda Dunks, and I wear those with whichever sweatsuit is on, and they always 'elevate' the streetwear lewk. 

Anna: Lululemon Align every colour. 

Janu: I honestly thought long and hard about a cool answer, but I have none. It's the return of the burnt orange coat szn for me. My family hates it, but I love it. She is my go-to spring and fall coat, and nobody can separate us. It's like…an adult version of a blanky. 


Ghlee's queen of cozy is also our queen of TikTok. As she continues to build and cultivate a community based on her love for food and life, Hanna shares: "I committed to learning how to TikTok last month, and after a shockingly warm response for our cooking videos, my partner and I have been making a ton of Korean food (the people love #koreanfoodtiktok)." Check her videos out here. "I have also found a new love for margaritas—the drink of summer 2022 for me."

Varun: I'm on my health grind this month! Four eggs and protein shake after a long 18hr fast, with some sort of protein paired with minimal carbs at night. I finally started to incorporate sea moss into my diet. (Shoutout to Jashan, my girlfriend's brother, for putting me on)

Arati: I've been eating healthy since coming back from my one month in the Caribbean, where I attempted to work but really relaxed and partied. Lately, I live off mung bean daal (green daal as we call it in our home) or the Be Well soup from The Goods

Deepika: I've reintroduced coffee into my diet (in moderation, of course), but I have my own spin of bulletproof coffee with mom's ghee, a pinch of cinnamon, and a dash of MCT oil. 

Anna: I'm not an espresso martini kind of gal (unpopular opinion, I know..), but the espresso martini at Azhar is to die for! 

Janu: Getting back into the routine of having my morning chlorophyll water. I use a mint-flavoured one!


Anna has been stepping into a state of calm and staying there these days, which is vital as the world starts to reopen and the speed of life readjusts with these changes. "I've been listening to Dr. Joe Dispenza's Morning Guided Meditation, an absolute game-changer for my morning routine. It truly sets the day up for success!"

Varun: Eye of the Tiger on my runs, high school beep test throwback! Also, a lot of old-school Weezy this month.

Arati: I've been catching up on podcasts lately while my child asks for "Life is a Highway" (Rascal Flatts version from Cars) on repeat. 

Deepika: Drake's Certified Lover Boy all over again. What can I say? All hail the 6ix god, haha :)

Hanna: I'm very into popping on earbuds and listening to nothing. I always go for runs and walks like this, but I started doing it at home, and it's been weirdly calming. Otherwise, I always come back to Daniel Caesar and Charlotte Day Wilson.
Janu: My April playlist :) I don't know how long I'll be able to keep my

monthly playlist shenanigans up for, but let's get it!


Exploring and supporting other South-Asian-owned brands, Arati has been getting into The Shaz and Kiks hair masks. Rooted in Ayurveda and founded by siblings, Shaz and Kiks give the average consumer access to rituals passed down through generations of Indian women through their products. "Their team sent me some hair masks, and I gotta say, I AM IMPRESSED! I love the consistency of the masks, over always putting oil in my hair," shares Arati.

Deepika: Yes on thermal water, Janu! I love arnica gel. I usually ingest arnica, but I tend to bruise easily...the clumsy girl in me needs arnica gel desperately, which helps speed up the healing process. 

Hanna: Proudly spending way too much time on TikTok and Instagram again, but so many exciting learnings as a marketer, and I'm all about it. 

Anna: Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush, the formula is to die for; it starts out liquid and blends into a soft powder finish!

Janu: Deepika got me back on the Thermal Spring Water game. I've needed that extra bit of hydration, so Avène's Eau Thermale mist has been getting me through.

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