How to use ghee to glow up for the summer

How to use ghee to glow up for the summer

A nutrient-dense ingredient, ghee will leave your hair soft and your skin supple! Here are four ways you can use ghee to glow up this summer. Whether ingested or used topically, ghee has been a core pillar of Ayurveda for centuries.

Whether ingested or used topically, ghee has been a core pillar of Ayurveda for centuries. And though the benefits of consuming ghee are more widely known, it is also an incredible ingredient to layer into your skin and hair care routines. This kitchen staple is one of the healthiest forms of fat you can pamper yourself with, so why not extend its use beyond your usual wellness regimen? Here are four ways to use ghee to amp up your "it factor" this season.

Moisturize, hydrate and defy time

Whether you're looking to hydrate the more delicate skin on your face or want to dive into some deep hydration to make the driest parts of your body supple, ghee is the answer. The fatty acids in ghee will encourage the deepest level of hydration and help your skin defy time (moisture and hydration are the key to any anti-aging routine...and retinol).

Pro tip: Try incorporating ghee into your homemade facemasks.

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Glow up and glow on

Packed with antioxidants, ghee may be a great way to heal and repair your skin if you have any hyperpigmentation or scarring due to the elements and oxidative stress. It'll rejuvenate your skin and leave it healthy and happy, resulting in the most lustrous and natural glow.

Pro tip: Use ghee as your oil pre-cleanser during your double cleanse nights—you'll be able to reap all the benefits of this powerhouse ingredient and a facial massage all at once.

Improve skin elasticity

Most Ayurveda buffs know that ingesting ghee can help improve skin elasticity, but did you know that topical applications garner those results, too? The level of phospholipids—a vital component of cell membranes that also help our body absorb the goodness of fatty acids—in ghee makes it the ideal ingredient to combat chapped skin. An easy way to reap the benefits? Our Ghlee Lip Balm;)

Pro tip: Use our Ghlee Lip Balm on your lips and anywhere else that your skin may need some extra love.

Give yourself the gift of great hair

Thanks to TikTok, hair slugging is all the rage now, and for a good reason. This ancient practice has roots in Ayurveda and can work wonders on dry, brittle hair or sensitive scalps and even help promote thicker, healthier hair growth. All you need to do is mix equal parts ghee with a carrier oil of your choice and a few drops of peppermint or rosemary essential oils. 

Pro tip: Massage this mixture onto your head, paying particular care to your scalp, leave it on for at least 30 minutes and indulge in a double cleanse with your shampoo of choice to wash it all off. 

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