Here's what our team has been loving this March

Q1 has come to an end, the warm weather is rolling in, and our team is settling into our 2022 groove. What better time to give you the inside scoop on our lives than now? Keep reading to get to know what our team has been loving in March.


"I've been reading Jay-Z's Decoded this month," shares our co-founder Varun, "Decoded is a book that I've wanted to read for a long time. Jay-Z is my favourite rapper, and I've always been captivated by his story. I remember listening to his first album in high school, and his hustle and entrepreneurial mindsight has always been so inspiring. Decoded is that come-up story."

Arati: The Conscious Parent by Shefali Tsabary

Hanna: Seth Rogan's Year Book

Anna: Black Cake by Charmaine Wilkerson

Janu: Before the coffee gets cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi


Hanna and Janu have both been watching Twenty-Five Twenty-One. Featuring the likes of Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-Hyuk, this drama is the story of love between an ambitious fencer and a young man trying to rebuild his life. This charming story has left us realizing one thing: we all love a little romance. And as Hanna perfectly put it, “KDramas 4ever!”

Varun: Top Boy. The new season is super fire, highly recommend!

Arati: I'm rewatching The Crown, don't judge me.

Deepika: I'm rewatching Dawson's Creek! All the nostalgic feels, haha!

Anna: Euphoria Season 2 (AGAIN!)


It seems that one of us has actually been enjoying the snow and cold that comes with Canadian winters. "I've been wearing the North Face x Kaws collab," shares Anna, "I'm holding on to the very last days of snowboarding season, although I cannot wait for the warmer weather & summer sunshine!"

Varun: I got a Kith hat with my brother while we were on a New York siblings trip, and I've been wearing it a lot. Not mine, my brother's. I kinda stole it from him.

Arati: My new 'Love' necklace from T Balance Crystals.

Deepika: I am still living in my matching sets. Spiritual Gangster and Knix are my go-to.

Hanna: I'm rotating between the 10 knit and crochet hats my sister-in-law made me!

Janu: My carnelian ring, I feel very naked without it at this point.


If anyone knows how to start their day right, it's Deepika. "I love a good green smoothie. I like to think of it as my health insurance for the day. I've been starting every morning with a mix of spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, avocado, matcha, MCT oil, cinnamon and collagen." It's no wonder she's our in-house queen of glow.

Varun: I'm trying to eat clean and reset after vacay - dhal is forever.

Arati: Aloo gobi is life!

Hanna: Breakfast! I was never a breakfast person, but this has changed my morning workouts (for the better – hello PBs!)

Anna: Smart Sweets Gummy Worms 

Janu: Siggi's plant-based vanilla yogurt. Exploring plant-based yogurt is my new hobby. 


Of the broad listening habits of our team, the most interesting happens to be our co-founder, Arati's song of the month. AP Dhillon's Brown Munde has been on repeat, courtesy of her son Kabir's immaculate taste and ability to curate the right vibes.

Varun: Something in the way by Nirvana (shoutout Batman) and Freestyle by Lil' Baby

Deepika: The Dream Bigger Podcast 

Hanna: I'm lost in Spotify's 'Best of Indie 2012' and feeling oddly old. I can't tell if I still love it, but I definitely don't hate it, and I can't seem to turn it off… 

Anna: Fresh Roses by Juke Ross on repeat 

Janu: This month, I started making monthly playlists. So I'm rinsing my March playlist. It feels like the first bite of a buttery piece of toast. 


Arati has been taking self-care to another level this month. She's been using Notion to stay organized and compartmentalize all the elements of her busy life. With notes and reminders to meditate, grow, and simply be integrated into the design of Blume's water bottle, she's been mindful and hydrated. 

Varun: I'd have to say my Apple Watch here. It was gifted to me by my girlfriend, Anu. I've been wearing it pretty non-stop to track my steps and heart rate with all the physical activity I've been getting in.

Deepika: I'd have to say my Peloton app for guided meditations and my Apple Watch to track and manage my activity goals.

Hanna: I'm back on the Strava app to get back into running now that winter is gone (gooood riddance!!)

Anna: The Goodreads app! I've been tracking my yearly reading goals and progress and finding new authors/books to read next!! 

Janu: Ruth & Gem's Tabanca candle. Smells like summer!

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